Big k.r.i.t. - 4eva n a day instrumentals

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Author: Category: News Posted: Saturday, 10 March 2012 Views: 14171 Comments: 2
1.Big K.R.I.T-8 04 AM (Instrumental) 
2.Big K.R.I.T-Wake Up Saxaphone By Willie B (Instrumental) 
3.Big K.R.I.T-Yesterday (Instrumental) 
4.Big K.R.I.T-Boobie Miles (Instrumental) 
5.Big K.R.I.T-4EvaNaDay Theme (Instrumental) 
6.Big K.R.I.T-Me And My Old School Guitar By Mike Hartnett (Instrumental) 
7.Big K.R.I.T-1986 (Instrumental) 
8.Big K.R.I.T-Country Rap Tunes (Instrumental) 
9.Big K.R.I.T-Sky Club (Instrumental) 
10.Big K.R.I.T-Red Eye (Instrumental) 
11.Big K.R.I.T-Down Out (Instrumental) 
12.Big K.R.I.T-Package Store (Instrumental) 
13.Big K.R.I.T-Temptation (Instrumental) 
14.Big K.R.I.T-Handwriting (Instrumental) 
15.Big K.R.I.T-Insomnia Guitar By Mike Hartnett (Instrumental) 
16.Big K.R.I.T-5 04 AM (Instrumental) 
17.Big K.R.I.T-The Alarm (Instrumental)

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Comments (2)



i wanna download 4evanaday instrumental but it doesnt let me. help?

Jul 11, 2012


Why does it have the whole cd listed but only one track downloads?

Apr 14, 2012

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